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Managed IT Services

Rackwoo's managed IT related services. Managed IT services at Rackwoo include Managed Website Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Server Admin Services.

Managed Server Admin Services



Security and Support

Includes All Common
Linux and Windows Server
Issues and Concerns
This Upgrade/Add-On Includes Up To

*** 3 Hours Per Month ***

Of Technical, Hands-on IT,
Server, Control Panel, Web Server Support.
Services Include

- Hardware and Systems Optimization -
- Emergency Problem-Solving -
- Operating System Updates -
- Control Panel Security and Updates -
- Kernel Upgrades -
- Monitoring for Security Concerns -
- Implementing Security Updates -
- Systems Backup Implementation -

If the Rackwoo Systems Support Team
is working your project or problem
and it is projected to go beyond the
included three hours of technical support,
our team will contact you before any further
additional charges billed to your account.

If and when you decide for our team to go
beyond the three-hour threshold included
in this upgrade/add-on service, your account
will be billed at $100 per hour for
the duration of the project/repair.
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Managed Website Hosting

Affordable Managed Website
Hosting Services

From Rackwoo

Find out more about what our clients get and what is included within Rackwoo's Managed Website Hosting services. Rackwoo offers the best and most affordable managed website hosting ever. Our support and Rackwoo teams will help keep your website up and running at all times. All our hosting plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Best Managed WordPress
Hosting Hands Down

By Rackwoo

Rackwoo knows WordPress. Learn more about Rackwoo's Managed WordPress Hosting services and find out why our Managed WordPress Hosting services the best, along with being the best value available on the hosting market today. We start with security and push ahead with performance, using Litespeed web server technology and Cloudlinux powered servers. Only the best!

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Managed Server Services

Advanced Server Management
Services by the Pros

With Rackwoo

Rackwoo's systems administrators have top-level Windows and Linux training and knowledge, backed by years of preventive and problem-solving experience. Our team deploys the securest servers, with efficiency and performance in mind. Rackwoo's Support Team will keep your server online and secure all day and every day, no matter the circumstances.

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Rackwoo Services

If a vehicle breaks down, where do most people go? To an expert. Our managed IT services help our clients stay ahead of their competition by freeing them up to create more and diagnose and configure less. There is no shame with letting the experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Managed Website Hosting

There is nothing like checking up on a website after being away for a few days only to find it offline. Our managed website hosting services will ensure your website's backend is up and live and remains online 24/7/365. Trust the Rackwoo Team Experts with your site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Rackwoo offers optimized, managed WordPress hosting at affordable prices, designed to outperform the rest. Our managed WordPress hosting goes above and beyond our competitors, providing your WordPress website with the performance and security it needs.

Managed Server Admin Services

Need the added power of a VPS, VDS, or dedicated server but do not want the hassle that comes with owning your server? Rackwoo has you covered with our managed server admin services platform. We keep your server up to date, online, and secure so you do not have to.