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What does DNS stand for and what does it do?

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System.

The Domain Name System is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for all servers, computers, network systems, and even personal devices such as laptops and cell phones. Any computer or device connected publically to the Internet or privately via a home network relies on DNS to obtain and communicate with other devices within a given network. DNS associates information with domain names, ultimately IP addresses, assigned to each computer or device tied to a given network.

Since 1985, DNS translates alphanumeric domain names ( to a numerical IP address so a computer or device can identify other computers or devices services using network protocols.

Designating authoritative name servers, DNS delegates the assigning of domain names and maps those domain names to servers and computers across the globe. The way these computers and servers communicate can be brought down to two components, the domain name, and IP address. A domain name and IP addresses are one and the same, as each can translate back to one another through the help of DNS name servers and DNS authoritative records.

If you obtain the IP address of a domina name, provided the domain name is not hosted on a shared IP address server, the website's IP address can be input into the URL bar of a browser like this https://123.456.789.0 and it will bring up the website the same as if was inputted.DNS name servers are located throughout the globe and cache the DNS authoritative records for a domain name.

  • Start of Authority Records (SOA)
  • IP Addresses Pointing Records (A for IPv4 and AAAA for IPv6)
  • SMTP mail Server Records Including MX
  • Authoritative Name Servers Records (NS)
  • Reverse DNS lookups PTR Records
  • CNAME Records
  • DNSSEC records