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Whois Privacy

Easily update or change your Whois details via our domain name Whois panel.

Full DNS Control

Full control to update or change DNS setting and zone information using our DNS zone editor.

Manage Name Servers

Add, create, or update name servers within our client DNS control panel.

Whois Identity Protection

Add Whois identity protection to your domain name at any time and protect yourself from spam and scams.

Renew, Drop, Add Domain Names

Easily drop, add, or renew your domain names within our client domain name control panel area.

Transfer Domain Names

Rackwoo makes it easy to transfer your current domain name to our system.

Domain Name Registration and Renewal Prices

Extension Register Renew Transfer
.com $11.95 $11.95 $11.49
.net $16.20 $16.20 $15.74
.org $16.66 $16.66 $16.20
.info $23.45 $23.45 $22.99
.biz $21.15 $21.15 $20.69
.co $29.20 $29.20 $28.74
.in $10.11 $10.11 $9.65
.site $31.50 $31.50 $31.04
.mobi $24.02 $24.02 $23.56
.top $5.74 $5.74 $5.74
.name $11.95 $11.95 $11.49
.host $97.05 $97.05 $96.59
.pro $20.57 $20.57 $20.11
.tv $37.25 $37.25 $36.79
.club $13.67 $13.67 $13.21
.de $8.50 $8.50 $8.04
.us $10.22 $10.22 $9.76
.ru $5.64 $5.64 $0
.es $8.50 $8.50 $0
.me $28.05 $28.05 $27.59
.bz $30.35 $30.35 $29.89
.ca $15.40 $15.40 $14.94
.cc $11.95 $11.95 $11.49
.cn $9.07 $9.07 $8.61
.la $37.25 $37.25 $36.79

Rackwoo Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a human-readable equivalent to an IP address. IP addresses and domain names are inputted into an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and they instruct the browser on where to go to find the website the user is looking for on the internet.

What does TLD stand for?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. Top level domains extensions include .com, .org, .net, .int, .edu, .gov, and .mil. Any person is allowed to register extensions of .com, .org, and .net. TLD extensions .edu, .gov, and .mil cannot be registered by the public.

What does gTLDs stand for?

gTLDs stands for generic top-level domains. These generic top-level domain names extensions were added recently by ICANN and maintained by the IANA. They consist of over 500 generic domain name extensions from .academy to .zippo.

Who is ICANN and IANA?

ICANN is the governing body in a not-for-profit partnership with people all over the world keep the Internet stable and secure. They create and maintain the policies which IP addresses and domain names exist upon. The information on an owner of a domain name is forwarded to ICANN and made public through their Whois database. IANA is the developer and maintainer of internet protocols, IP and AS numbers and addresses, core DNS Root, the .int and .arpa domains, and an IDN practice resource.

Which domain TLD should I choose?

The most sought after and common domain name extension is the .com. However, websites and businesses opt to purchase their equivalent .net and .org extensions to protect against those extensions from falling into the hands of their competitors. If you have or will create an online brand that gains in popularity, purchasing the equivalent .net and .org extensions will be something you want to do early on.

Do you provide a control panel for domain management?

Yes, Rackwoo provides a client user interface (control panel) to maintain and update the DNS of your domain name(s).

What is Whois information?

ICANN publically publishes the Whois information on the owner of a given domain name. Whois protection prevents your personal information from showing up within the Whois database.

Do you provide Whois protection?

Yes, Rackwoo provides Whois protection for an additional cost.

How long does it take to buy and obtain a domain name?

For most domain names, once your payment is processed, your order is immediately processed, and you will gain access to your new domain name's DNS records to update nameservers and add subdomains. Some gTLDs may take up to 24 to 48 hours to show up in your DNS management area after payment has been confirmed. This is due to the ICANN domain name assignment measures and requirements. After a domain name is registered, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours for your domain name to show up in your browser. This is due to the DNS servers having to update their DNS cache, which takes time to do around the world. In most cases, you will be able to see your new domain name in your browser within a couple of hours.

How long can I register a domain name?

Domain names are typically registered yearly, but owners can register their domain names for up to a ten years maximum period. It's advised to register your domain name for as long as you can to help against losing your domain name if you fail to register it again on time.

What happens if I do not renew my domain name registration?

If a domain name owner fails to register a domain name by the required renewal date, their domain name will become "Expired" and go into a 1-45 days grace period. The domain record will cache for up to seven days at its local nameservers. After seven days, the domain record gores to the Shared Registry System, also known as SRS, for the remainder of the Expiration Period. Expired or Expiration Period During the Expired or Expiration Period, the original domain name owner will lose control of the DNS management and the website will no longer be live. However, the owner still can re-register their domain name at the normal pricing as long as all past and future registration fees are paid in full. Under normal circumstances, the domain name will be able to be renewed using normal Rackwoo domain name renewal processes. The owner of an Expired domain is to contact Rackwoo's Support Team if they experience difficulties renewing a domina name that ahs Expired. We will assist in renewing the domain name during the Expired Period if needed. Redemption Period After 40-45 days, the un-renewed domain name goes into what is known as the Redemption Period for 1-30 days.During the Redemption Period, the original owner of a domain name still can obtain the domain name but will require additional service fees, along with the normal registration fees, for Rackwoo to obtain the domain name back for the owner. During the Expired and Redemptions periods, the domina name will not be transfered to anyone or does anyone have the ability to obtain the domain name. Pending Delete Period After the 30 day Redemption Period is over, the domain name will go into a five day period known as the Pending Delete period. At this point, the domain name owner no longer has the direct ability to obtain ownership of the domain name and no one else will either. Deleted and Dropped After the five day pending delete period, the domain name is offically dropped from the Shared Registry System and once it's removed, anyone has the abilty to obtaiun the domain name once again. The Deleting or Dropping of a domain name occurs 70-75 days after the owner fails to renew the domain name.